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10th of May

When The God We Believe is Righteous Doesn’t Seem to Be Delivering

The sorrows of those will increase who run after other gods.

Psalm 16:4

Really, Jesus?  

I don’t see the sorrows of those who run after other gods increasing. I don’t even see any sorrow.

In fact, we seem happy, rejoicing, running through vibrant green fields of self-seeking pleasure, free.


In fact, I see us showing anything and everything as our “true god” in thought, word, and deed.  

In fact, many think ourselves wise in our own eyes. We do not fear (respect) you. Not above ourselves. Not above our own version of gospel. What we think reigns, we think.

You warned us.  Proverbs 3:7-8.  Are we listening? Heeding? 

Those who think we are wiser than you do not shun evil. Instead, we call good evil. Instead, we call evil good. Just like you said we would.  Isaiah 5:20

We twist your words and decide for ourselves what is true. Our TRUE GOD is SELF and our altar is RELATIVISM. We bow to our self-fashioned gods and the world applauds.

Louder and louder.

I shudder.

And try to cover my ears.

But I need to hear, to pray, to ask forgiveness and openness of blindness and deafness, my own in earnest, so that all who might be saved WILL be saved from the delusion of SELF—the abyss that sucks us in and down toward death of all sorts—toward death eternal.

Oh God, my Father/Mother . . .

Oh Jesus, my Brother/Sister . . .

Oh Spirit, my Counselor and Comforter . . .

Root me in TRUTH!

Cause me to GROW and bear HOLY fruit!

Humble me, Holy Trinity, for my heart is prone to wander!  Invade me to cleanse me, making me ready for eternity!

Keep me close, dear Jesus!  For I believe your WORD that YOU are the WAY, the TRUTH, the LIFE.

Let me not be swayed by popular opinion, though it may mean the death of me or my relationships. These days are evil. You said so. Ephesians 5:16. I believe so.

Help me, LORD, stand firm to the end!

The ONLY applause I seek . . .

is your voice . . .

saying to me once and for all time . . .

in the end . . .

Well done, dear one.

Let it be, Lord . . .

Let it be . . .

For me and all those I love . . .

For all those you love . . .

Which is every . . .

single . . .



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