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13th of March

Song of True Life

Psalm 23 is the most well-known psalm because it’s the one most often read at funerals.  I find that odd.  To me, Psalm 23 is a TRUE LIFE psalm.  It’s the best psalm for helping us walk through this LIFE! 

Last year, a friend and I did a study of Psalms and decided to write out each Psalm by hand in our own words as a prayer.  We highly recommend the project!  I hope you will be blessed today as you LIVE the words of Psalm 23.  No need to wait for a funeral.  True life is found here in these words . . . .

LORD, you are my shepherd.  You—the One who made the entire universe and hold it together in your hands—You are my shepherd—my comfort—my protector—my guide.


Because of You, I don’t ever have to be in want of anything because you know everything I need and are certain to take care of me.  You are the one who makes me lie down and rest in peace in wonderful places made just for me.  You lead me to refreshment and peace—quiet waters—because you know, just like sheep, I get scared of water ripples—sometimes so much that I won’t even drink.  So you still the waters for me.  And as I drink, I discover it’s YOU, not the water, that restores my soul.  When I let you still the waters I see you right there beside me in the reflection.  It’s YOU, the Living Water, that causes me to come back to life when I wither.  And you stand by me and let me drink deeply, in peace.


You are my Guide on my path through life whether you lead me through valleys dark or up mountains high.  And because of your name—your holy name—you guide me along the right paths.  You love all that is right and you know that living righteously is the only way to really live truly.

And even though tough times come—even though times may come where I feel like I’m dying—where I feel like I’d rather die because life is just too painful . . .

I will NOT fear anything evil.  And even if my feelings betray me and I start to tremble and my knees start to shake . . . .

I will REMEMBER—YOU are with me always—everywhere—in everything.


You comfort me.  You DESIRE to comfort me and guide me, just like a good shepherd does with his sheep.  Sheep are scared creatures.  We know life’s dangers.  We know our weakness.  Deep down in the marrow of our bones—we know our need of something, someone, besides ourselves to guide us and protect us.  We are just like sheep.  We need a Good Shepherd.

God, You are the one who prepares a gorgeous table for me, even in the presence of all who try to harm me on earth and in the spiritual realm.  YOU anoint my head.  YOU have set me apart.  YOU protect me.  YOU are my security guard.

And because of Your great love and provision and protection—my heart overflows with peace and joy, despite all that swirls around me.  Come what may, You have me surrounded with Yourself.

Surely, goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life BECAUSE YOU ARE GOOD!  You are GOD!  Your care never ceases, never waivers, even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances.

And these life worries?  They ARE temporary.  In the grand scheme of eternity, they are so small.  I want to keep my eyes on you as I walk through this life because you have a home for me.  You have a holy house and you have prepared it for me and for all who want to live with you forever. 

And I will.  I will dwell with You in Your house. 


I will not fear. 

You are my Shepherd. 

You are my rest.

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