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11th of May

Going for Gold

My car thermometer registered four degrees and the relentless, cutting wind made standing outside painful to any exposed skin. I drove into the school parking lot and stopped as close to the door as possible.  Nick was bundled up in layers of turtleneck and Polar Tec, topped off with ski mask, snow pants, winter coat, and bulky gloves.  As he scooted himself out of the back seat, he grabbed his backpack with one hand, slung

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Heather's Arc
11th of May

Heather’s Arc

I did not want to start another day.  Waves of emotion washed over me until I felt barely able to keep my head above the surf and catch my breath.  Discouraged.  Depressed.  Overwhelmed.  Helpless.  What happened to this once devoted Christian so eager to follow Christ?  The one who had set out to feed Jesus’ sheep with vigor had found herself at the brink of spiritual and emotional starvation.  Raising three Russian orphans with so

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