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4th of April

New Life

Here it is, the day between death and life.  Our Lord Jesus was off the cross and in the tomb.  And the waiting—the waiting is hard.  The hoping—holding onto hope can be so hard.  But when God makes a promise, best believe He will deliver.  Nothing is impossible for God.  He’s all about resurrections, restorations, reconciliations.  He’s all about bringing new beginnings.

Today, I welcome a dear friend here in this space.  Bob Anderson’s photographs are stunning!  I had the privilege of visiting him and his wife Anne, one of my best friends, in their Florida home recently.  They blessed with their company and their artistic gifts, their home a virtual gallery of Bob’s photography and Anne’s exquisite interior design.

Bob and Anne have been through so many gut-wrenching times like the repetition of waves crashing on the shore.  They’ve experienced so many life-changing events it takes one’s breath away.  Yet, their faith in God has grown stronger through all the pressing with His promise of resurrection—of new beginnings.  Their faith in the midst of such adversity and pain has strengthened my own faith.  They are great witnesses of God’s promise that “a bruised reed I shall not break”.

Bob took the photographs featured photographs below of a rookery near their home recently.  The white egret and the great blue heron are preparing for new life, building nests, laying eggs, and waiting.  They will wait for the day where shells crack open and new life emerges.

We all wait with eager anticipation of God’s promises yet to be fulfilled and God’s greatest promise, already fulfilled—the new beginnings made possible by Jesus.  He conquered death and walked out of his tomb, leading the way for all who believe, to be set free from all that binds, and to walk into a new life with Him, even now.

We have such a sure and great hope!  His name is Jesus!

Thank you Bob for sharing your gift!  Be blessed, friends, this Easter!

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