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24th of December

Modern Mary


We met for the first time in New York City, Mary and I.  Our natural curls in common, we began by sharing hair care secrets.  By the time our burgers arrived, we had moved on to deeper topics of life.  Instantly, I knew I was sitting by a kindred spirit—one who had been through hell and back, here on earth, but gone even beyond—to the realm of miracles.

She is blessed, this modern Mary, and so am I.  So are all souls who come to Jesus, who came to us.  This stunningly beautiful Mary, spiral dark curls falling long and Irish blue eyes looking deep, who would know how He birthed her, again, at her most broken and helpless?

Overwhelmed with anxiety, beaten literally, panic button stuck—this tender spirit was chained heavy.  Who would know?  Outsides LOOK good.  Insides must BE good?

No.  Outsides often deceive.

Broken to the point of suicide she could not commit, a friend asked to pray.  For her.  Over her.  She prayed Christ’s peace over her mind—in her mind.  And He came to her—this modern Mary.  Christ came to Mary as soon as He was called.  And Mary’s mind calmed and her heart settled and for the first time, she felt peace—the peace He says passes all understanding—not of this world. 

Just a touch of Him and she wanted more. Like the woman long ago who touched His robe as He walked through the crowds, she just wanted to touch His robe—because she believed He would heal.  But back then, more than the hem of His robe was touched.  His heart was touched and He wanted, He eagerly wanted, to give the woman more than she asked.  He turned and looked into her desperate eyes.  And He told this woman she was healed.  And so she was.  She touched the hem of his robe.  He hugged her heart and saved her soul.

Modern Mary.  Jesus began a holy healing in her that day when her friend prayed.  Mary began to sit at Jesus’ feet and digest His holy words—His healing words, just like another Mary of long ago.  She battled hurtful, death-filled thoughts with His loving, life-filled words and her mind became strong, her heart became whole.  She prayed and He was with her, binding her wounds Himself. 

Tonight we meditate on Mary in Bethlehem giving birth to Jesus.  But the greatest Christmas gift of all is Jesus giving birth to Mary—and to all who want new life—true life. 

Modern Mary now knows this life because she knows Jesus.  And this dear sister of mine, we praise Jesus together for birthing us through pain into life.  True life.  Now we know what it means to live real.  To really live free.

This Christmas could be your turn, your moment in history, to be birthed by the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Today could be your turn to really live.  Free.  Come Lord Jesus, rebirth us today and heal us we pray. 

Glory to God in the highest!




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