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Welcome to our horse farm where I write about our everyday ordinary revealing everyday Extraordinary—God speaking to us through parable, drawing us into closer relationship with Him.

I write about our true life with God—the wonderful, the painful, and everything in between and how to keep seeking Him, especially in difficult circumstances, to find our true source of meaning, purpose and joy.

Here’s a bit about us that you might like to know . . . .

I’m married to my best friend of 23 years and we have three wonderful kids, all adopted from Russia, now 24, 23, and 18.  Before becoming a mom, I taught elementary school and earned my doctorate in clinical psychology.  I left my career to homeschool and advocate for our kids’ multiple special needs stemming from prenatal exposure to alcohol.  Having left homeschooling behind, I’m venturing into the world of writing.

Besides loving country living with our horses, we also love to downhill and cross-country ski, hike, travel, play charades, sit around campfires in our backyard, and run a summer nature camp on our farm for inner-city kids.

Thanks for visiting us here on the farm!  I pray God will use these windows into our life to bless you.


Welcome to True Life With God!

Come stroll the trails with me on our 44 acre Midwest horse farm where I seek God in the ordinary and always find Him--the Extraordinary--wooing, teaching, wowing me with Himself. Thanks for visiting. I hope you will be blessed!

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