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6th of June

In Other Words

The words of another, this weekend, for your gentle meditation.  The words of Father Jacques Philippe from Searching for and Maintaining Peace . . .

The habitual determination to always say “yes” to God, in the great things as in the small, is a sine qua non for interior peace.  As long as we have not acquired this determination, a certain uneasiness and sadness will not cease to abide in us—the uneasiness of not loving God as much as He invites us to love Him, and the sadness of still not having given all things to God.  Because the man who has given his will to God has, in a certain fashion, already given Him everything.  We cannot truly be at peace as long as our hearts have not found their unity and our hearts cannot be unified until all our desires are subordinated to the desire to love God, to please Him and to do His will.  This also implies, of course, an habitual determination to detach ourselves from all that is contrary to God.  Here, then, is what goodwill consists of, the necessary condition for peace of the soul.


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