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18th of April

Hold Hope

I ponder all the daffodil bulbs I know are eight inches under the earth.  Three weeks ago there was no evidence.

In the dark and deep, my daffodils remained invisible since September.  So how did I know they were there?

I planted them.

The live bulbs were just resting, just waiting till the sun called them up and out.  And a couple weeks ago, their new green stems split the hard earth, sprouting along with hundreds of others I have planted these past ten years.  There are no blooms yet in my garden.  And yet, I have hope.  I have faith.  They have never failed to bloom.


What God has planted in our hearts is SURE to bloom, better than the most beautiful daffodil, because He has planted HIMSELF deep in each believer’s heart!

Whatever season you’re in right now—fall, winter, spring, summer—hold on to your hope in Christ alone.

You who believe and trust in Christ alone will rise as surely as He did!  We will rise from whatever dark and cold we find ourselves in, because even in the dark and cold, we’re still ALIVE in CHRIST!   Because CHRIST is alive in US who have admitted our brokenness, our darkness, and asked JESUS to plant his life in our hearts.  So even if our tender shoots are barely breaking through hard times, we are SURE to BLOOM, because of JESUS who has overcome all darkness, all death, and is EVER-BLOOMING!


Hold HOPE!

These photos are from last year, reminding me to hold hope.  I may not see these trumpets yet, but they WILL bloom!  So will I.  And one day coming, I will HEAR the trumpet call of Jesus to join Him in glory seen, never-ending.  Praise Him forever!








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