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3rd of September


He did it again!  Mr. Teenager, Nick, is really getting into my blog brain.  The other day, as I was serving breakfast to our horses, Nick strolled into the barn and said, “Mom, I have another blog idea for you.” 

I smile.  Clearly, Nick is beginning to see his world in a whole new way.  He’s beginning to see God’s way in everything.  Eager to discover what Nick had to say, I ask, “What’s your idea?”

I think you should write about fences.

 I am intrigued.  “What about fences?”  I ask.  He gives me more than I thought he would.

I was out looking at the pasture and I noticed the fences.  Fences are good because they keep the horses in.  And if the horse decides to break the fence it will get shocked and hurt.  The grass on the other side isn’t any better so why would a horse want to break the fence to get it?  I was thinking that that’s how we are with sin.  We think things are better outside of the fences but things really aren’t and when we break out we get hurt. 

(Our fences are hot-wired, electric.  Break out at your own risk.  Our horses don’t even challenge the
fence line.  They know, accept, and love their limits.

I am more than intrigued now.  I’m practically sweating from excitement, my heart threatening to jump out of my chest.  My boy gets it!  He GETS God!  He’s LOOKING for Extraordinary God on an ordinary farm!

“So, what happens if we DO break the fence and venture out of the pasture?” I ask, hoping to learn more.

Obviously, Nick has thought about this possibility.

Well, that’s where repentance comes in.  Once we’ve broken out, we need to ask God to forgive us and lead us back in.

Forgive AND lead us back in!

Oh, honestly!  Could he have stated it any more plainly?

Here’s what I love most about today’s lesson.  Loving God and understanding His profound truth is not, in any way, dependent on age or intellectual ability.  God reveals Himself to EVERYONE who seeks Him.  Everyone.  We don’t have to be gifted in any way except gifted with His presence, with desire to really KNOW Him.  When desire is right, God always finds the way to reach us—every one of us. 

Thank you God for revealing yourself and your truths to children. 

Thank you for lessons learned on the farm.


From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise.  Psalm 8:2

Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.  Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure.”  Matthew 11:25-26

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