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29th of November

Empty Nests

We walk the trails with trees shed bare on a brisk November day.  Nests once hidden are now visible—rounded twig cup nurseries of new life flown.  So many hikes taken, spring through summer, we passed these trees, unaware of activity within.  So many birds come from afar to build and lay, hatch and feed, and teach new life to fly. 

And so it is with the Spirit.  God gives new life and we who go about our daily duties hardly notice when souls hatch and grow and take wing.  So often we don’t notice life growing in our own souls.  We strive but bemoan slow growth and sometimes wonder if we’re growing at all.  Challenges and temptations make us wonder, are we really even God’s?  So often we fail to live up to our own standards, let alone what we think of as God’s.

But it’s not about work and effort and perfection.  It’s about humility and soul poverty—admitting we can’t grow ourselves up—not even a bit—on our own.  New life is not ours to create, in the soul sense at least.  Soul birth and growth is God’s business alone.  All we need do is yield and receive.  God allows circumstances to build and refine and complete the good work He has begun in those who say “yes”.  He longs to nurture those who will come as we are, weak but wanting—to come and live life with Him–to discover meaning and purpose in Him.

It’s about good will and God’s grace.  From beginning to end, we are God’s work, God’s passion.  One day, the leaves of our lives will shed and branches bare will reveal whatever we have allowed Him to build and lay, hatch and feed.  Bare branches will reveal whatever we’ve let Him nurture and nudge–that’s what we’ll fly with into eternity with wings He has grown.

New life and growth—it’s all about God.  He gives.  We receive.  He begins.  He completes.  And one day we  will return to Eden before the fall.  Jesus came and died and rose again for this–to save and nurture and nudge out of the nest—to set free to fly –with Him and for Him.  Amazing grace!  His Kingdom come. 

Have you let Him begin His good work in you?  Have you let Him set your flight path?  Have faith.  Yield and enjoy His nurture.

He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.   Philippians 1:6

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