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26th of January

Driving Home

What has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel.

Philippians 1:12


Driving home in the dark last night, angled arrows of head-lighted sleet pelted my windshield, hypnotizing. Wipers on high could not keep up. White-knuckled fingers gripped the steering wheel and my whole body leaned forward, concentrating, praying . . .

Please get me home, Jesus! Please get me home!

What if I slipped off the road? Then what?

What if some other vehicle slid into me? Then what?

There are so many “what if”/“then what” scenarios in life that I could “what if”/”then what” the life out of myself and end up a dead woman walking, serving no one well, especially God.

So what’s a scared soul to do in frightening circumstances? When we could simply slip off and away? What happens when we get the news we’ve been dreading? What happens when life takes a cruel turn? What happens when those we love don’t love us back? Even downright ditch us? What happens when God doesn’t heal us or our relationships the way we hope? What happens when we have to live with crashed?

We could despair. Or we could discover.

We could despair over the should’ve, the would’ve, the could’ve.

Or . . .

We could discover the God who is sovereign over all the should’ve, the would’ve, the could’ve.

When we give up our grip on our fears and our gripes, we have hearts free to grab hold of our God who gives more than we dream of that’s good.

If we’re going to be white-knuckled about anything, how about being white-knuckled about our grip on God? How about determination, not fear? Isn’t a grip on God and his grip on us the ultimate drive?

When we allow God to drive . . .

All the things that should’ve, would’ve, could’ve happened?

All the things that might be?

All will be for our good and his glory.

All will help others, in God’s way, in God’s time.

So when I think I want just an easy life, a pain-free life, I remember that ALL my life is God’s.

God gets to drive this baby home.

And he’s got me in the palms of his hands.

God will take every white-knuckled, stomach-churning, mind-reeling, heart-breaking moment, hour, day, year, decade, life and turn it into mesmerizing, dazzling glory that will take our breath away by the overwhelming joy that is to be found—in no other—than Jesus.


Are you in for the wild ride?

Hop in!

Let’s GO!




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