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5th of February

Dear God

It happened again along the country road leading home.  You swelled my heart with the everyday ordinary—deer close.

My breath slows and I pull over hoping—hoping for a moment of deer time, up-close and personal.  And they do stay and I speak worship words to You in my heart—a psalm, a love song to You who created this wonder and pulled me over and held my hand as you said to my soul,

“This is for you, dear daughter.”

Oh dear Father, I hope you like my word gift of thanks to you . . .

Oh LORD, my God, there is none like You!

You created the heavens and the earth,

And have given me sight to see

Your holy fingerprints everywhere.

I can see your hands forming the fawn.

The deer stills with eyes fixed and you call me here.

You still my heart and fix my mind,

For I long to worship You!

All through the day, You are with me,

Calling me into the joy of worship.

And I come eager

To stop and still.

Who has not five minutes to stop and still?

You interrupt my plans with great and wondrous things.

And this—this is true life—

To drive with you and pause with you.

To see you in all and worship you in all.

In all,

You are with us.


Your love never ceases.

Your truth never changes.

Your wooing is constant.

You are the lover of our souls.

Oh LORD, our Lord,

there is none like you.

I will praise you on the road!

I will praise you in the woods!

I will praise you in the grocery!

I will praise you folding laundry!

I will praise you when I see.

And I will praise you when I don’t.

I will praise you in the easy.

And I will praise you in the hard.

For you are most worthy of praise.

Your love never fails.

You fill my days with wonder.

And when I praise you,

You nearly burst my heart with joy!

Oh LORD, my God,


So I will stop right now,

As the deer stops in her tracks,

Look straight into your eyes

As she looks straight into mine,

And simply say . . .

Thank You.

I hope you like this gift.

I wrapped it myself with love.

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