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8th of November

Blessing of Beauty

My dad’s and my relationship is an example of how, with God, all things are possible.  We’ve had a rather rough and sometimes downright distant relationship through the decades for numerous reasons.  But I’ve prayed and waited and done right in honoring him as my father.


The years have softened us both and today, we have a pleasant, peaceful relationship.  I’ve learned to appreciate his gifts, one being his artistic eye and ability to produce art with a camera.  He has taught me a lot and because of him and his guidance, I am blessed daily as I view our beautiful world through a photographer’s eye, capturing beauty with a camera that blesses me and others.

Dad is 80 now and he just advised me to upgrade my camera.  He said I’m ready.  My skill has improved.  And he did all the research, found the best price, helped me order.  And the new camera has been sitting on my desk for six weeks in its box.  Dad was kind and funny in his last phone call.  In his typical dramatic voice, he said . . .

“First thing you need to do, Heather, is remove the camera from the box.  Second thing you need to do is find the battery and charger.  Third thing you need to do is plug it into the wall.  After that, you can wait till I see you over Thanksgiving and I’ll show you how to do the rest.”

Grace!  Now this is GRACE!  He could have said, “After ALL I went through to advise you and research and order and you haven’t even OPENED the box yet?!?!  You need to get a grip on your life, girl!”

He understands my crazy life.  He understands there are always new fires spouting here  that need managing.  He understands that I’ll get to the camera when I can.  And I’m grateful for his grace—for not expecting me to do more than I can do.

So, in the meantime, before Thanksgiving comes and Dad helps me learn about the features of my new camera, I’m still carrying around my old, always on the lookout for beauty and metaphor that will turn into words with photos.  And I hope both words and  visuals bless.  This world is bounding in beauty for those who look and have eyes to see.  And my dad has taught me how to look for beauty everywhere.

My gift to you for this weekend  is a series of photos I snapped this week, inspired by my dad who has helped me to see and capture beauty as blessing, everywhere I look.











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