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13th of November

Big Head

Ever get caught in the comparison trap?

So we’re out in the south forty digging holes and planting poles, fencing new horse pasture.  All the equipment’s there—tractor with drill, hand-held hole digger, level, and tape measure.

We’re plugging along when suddenly Nick deviates from the task at hand.  He picks up the tape measure and wraps it around his head.  Marking the spot where beginning meets end he says, quite matter-of-factly:

Twenty-three inches. 

Man, my head’s almost two feet in diameter! 

That’s BIG! 


I laughed so loud I’m sure all the wildlife scattered.

Kola, his Russian nick-name, makes us laugh.  He’s always saying these random things based on what he sees.  His take on life is just a bit . . . well . . . funny!


Nick’s also a tender soul who is learning to see God in everything, just like his mom.

We start talking about big heads.  He gets it. 

We’re such small people with such big heads sometimes.  We think we know it all.  We think we can do it all.  We think we’re better than. 

Smarter than.  Cooler than.  More good-looking than.  More spiritual than.  __________ than.   Fill in the measurement blank.

We look down our big noses on our big heads and position ourselves constantly. 

Oh, to have a smaller head that fits the rest of us!

Remembering that God is God and we’re not—it always seems to put things back in proper perspective. 

And, really, it’s God who’s in charge of the measuring, not us.

Humble heads.  That’s what we need. 

Let’s leave all the measuring of selves up to God.

Shall we?
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