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24th of June

As For Me and My House

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

Isaiah 52:7


With so much bad news delivered every day, ever feel in need of something uplifting?  Me too. When I think about all the problems in our lives and our world, I wonder. What can I do?

Early this morning, my Morgan horse and I meandered along the trails of our farm by ponds, through trees, along fields dotted with purple and yellow wildflowers. Bobolinks lifted their voices in protest, their black & white feathers fluttering over our heads. I prayed for peace inside me, peace inside them. Bobolinks don’t like giving ground. But I think we can both give a little to each other, find some common ground and maybe even see the beauty in each other.  All is gift. And all have beauty. I thanked God for the beauty of bobolinks and the near-perfect Wisconsin summer day. I absorbed on horseback. And then I thought . . .

What can I give back?

Surely, there’s something we all can give.  Just a little sends a ripple.

I remember the charge I heard at a gathering last night from a friend and nonprofit foundation head who supports multiple ministries serving Milwaukee:

Start where you are.

Start small.

Start now.

Such a charge makes huge, beyond-me problems manageable.  Living out positive mission and purpose sends ripple effects, perhaps so far we’ll never even know this side of heaven.

So today, I’m starting where I am.

I’m starting with these few simple words.

I’m starting right now.

And I’m adding some photos I’ve taken lately that have touched me.  Simple beauty.  I want to share what I see because I think beauty is one of our greatest gifts we can share, yes?  It’s all around.  I just need to notice, absorb, give thanks and give back.

May your weekend be blessed with peace and may you experience the pure joy of giving something beautiful—anything.  Because anything given with a heart intent on blessing another is beautiful.

Start where you are.  

Start small.  

Start now.

You ARE a blessing.

Give yourself.





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