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31st of March

Against the Grain

It is Easter morn . . .

Oh my soul can hardly contain such joy!

He has done it!

Jesus, our Jesus has conquered the grave and rolled the death curse away!

As the massive stone rolled uphill–impossible for any human to accomplish–so our Saviour rolled the death curse uphill and away from us forever!

He reversed the curse on this day!

And we who believe will never see the second death because it is done away!

And this morning?  This very morning when I awoke?

I took a picture of a tapestry in our home and nearly dropped my camera when I viewed it back . . . .

There was graining.  Clear as day, bold wood graining on the image!  But it wasn’t on the tapestry.  And it didn’t transfer to the photo above.  But it’s still there on my camera for all to see.

Wood graining?  Could it be a reminder of the grain by which our freedom was purchased?  Could it be a reminder that our Jesus, our Messiah, our deliverer from death, went AGAINST the GRAIN for us–all the way to the grain of the cross?  Could it be? 

Is this coincidence (y’all know what i think of coincidence) or did God just give me a private Easter morn miracle to remind me?  Could He be just–that–personal?

Oh yes.  He is just–that–personal. I asked Him for a personal touch today, just as I rolled out of bed thinking of the stone He rolled back.

Oh my Lord, from this day forward, help me go against the grain for You, even if my pride must be nailed straight through with You.

And THANK You,  thank YOU . . . .

for Easter . . . .

The day of new beginnings!

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